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Vim Profiling

无论是写TypeScript, Go, 还是 Rust, Vim 是我的唯一编辑器,除了偶尔写 Java, 我会使用 InteliJ 之外,但是不知道最近怎么会是, Vim 无规律的冰冻住了,无法进行操作,只能等它自己恢复,所以只能尝试进行一些 Profiling 来确定到底是什么原因

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Day one using Rust

I've been insterested in trying Rust, recently our company held a 3-day hackathon event, it's a great optunity to try Rust

Cover Image for 通过 Cludflare 和 Raspberry Pi 构建一个简单的云

通过 Cludflare 和 Raspberry Pi 构建一个简单的云

我一直使用AWS Lightsail 来托管我的副业,家里有有 2 块 Respberry Pi 4 积灰很久了,是时候建立自己的云来取代 AWS Lightsail 了。

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Nullability in GraphQL Schema Design

Nullability in GraphQL is different from how we handle null values in other API solutions. In REST or gRPC APIs, we expect an endpoint to either return an object, a list, or other piece(s) of data as a whole, or not at all. If a REST GET operation fails, we expect the entire request to have failed, not just a subset of the operation. However, in a GraphQL type system, every field is nullable by default. It’s entirely acceptable and likely that most of your data graph will load successfully, but a small part could fail due to the composition of the many micro-services responsible for populating all of that data.